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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 11, 2020 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>>wang kron 4 news was we are of my m >>on the plane on the way to ami. >>the 40 niners cruised past the minnesota vikings. d now they are on their way to the nfc championship game. if they win next week, they'll head to the supe bowl in miami. good evening and thank you for joining us at 8. i'm j r stone i'm justine ltman san franyisco's defense dominad from start to finish the 49
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ers on 27 to 10 and r breakdown of this ga we're joined right now by our sports director. >>mark carpenter. >>while wire to wire dominates from the 49 ers they showed why they secure the number one seed why they have home field advantage and why they are moving on to the nfc itle game, the quest for miami continues for this team now the 49 er faithful have been waiting for is moment, the niners back in the postseason for the first time since 2013, hosting the vikings in the divisional round for eir playoff debut at levi stadium went head santa clara. an l the greats we in the blding joe montana four-tim super bowl cmpion. and the first 49 ers drive jimmy garoppolo staing his first playoff me 5 for 6 right off the bat, a strike to kendrick bourne niners up 7 zip. and suing vikingdrive. minnesota would respond kirk cousins, 3rd into deep stan diggs a callow atherspoon on the cov to fas down digs 41
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yard touchdown and with her was pulled from e ga for emanuel sley immediately after the school. th2nd quarter. tevin coleman one of the rock easy money from a yard out 1410 san francisco at the half thinking they should have been up by more, but hey they got the lead. but after the break. all defen cousins off target richard shern jumps throute makes the interction the veteran corner h a huge play. then the celebration a photo in the end zone, why noand the niners proceeded to run the final being from 2 yards out by oleman his second touchdown 2410 the 40 niners imposing their will in the 4th niners up 17 nick bosa just because it's one of san francisco's 6 sacks also had 2 of them. >>anhe and that e lines they're feeling, good everyone feeling good how ship channel had very happy as he gets his first playoff win as
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a head coac his dad mike enjoying it from his fox, the 40 niners moving on to the nfc title game next sunday at levi's final score 2710 they held the vikings to 7 first downs and rushed 47 times for a 186 starts. let's get reaction frosanta clara ph. >>we've got the team that got over 30 rounds and win this game and we truly look at that as a team goal and i mean again 47 and on offense and. lot easier to do another team goes to a 12 on 3rd down and and we're 45% of only an appeal to get 10. when you st see the way the defense's pl. it's so much easier stay with that and thehole team kind of fat often. >>and the schedule wos out nicely fothe 49 ers play the early game today geta full extra day of prep tomorrow to watch packers. seahawks see which team they'll ce in the nfc championship gamein kron 4 has you covered with anything and erything 49 ers coming up at 9 jason dus skate rooney and i bring you the red and god zone playof
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edition. full highlights more reaction from levi's jr justine onagain. >>at a me she's a but he was so worried about this viking squad and then they could barely get a first first down the whole game the key for the entire match up was slowing down dalvin cook vikings running back was the key to the entire miesota offense. he couldn't get into a rhythm had opened the door for the 49 ers ass rush a banner day for them and how about san francisco showing alyear lonthey can win games in a variety of ways today it got keep it on the ground and tevin coleman grind out this wen jimmy garoppolo you know a solid game, but he didn't have to do everything and san francisco's moving on one mo wi to get to miami kids in the super i could feel the heat it smells south >>we'll also bring in the heat today, all those fans levi stadium sold out today and the parking lot packed with fans who wanted to tell gate they went pretty ha kron four's
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dan thorn had one of the best jobs the business today.e was with those fans out at levi's and picks up that part of the story. >>well the 40 niners faithful got exactly what they wanted a big win against the vikings a a g step closer to the super bowl. >>the 40 niners have eir fans fired up. the first playoff game at levi's bringing plenty of faithfulto fill the stium as we as the tailgates we' about to start a whole new legacbaby now real back fans enjoy family friends d food, but feasted their eyes on total domination the 40 niners easily taking care of the we are the be thg we do loud and prd lots of smiling faces left the stadium th you can expect an even more electric atmosphere when the 49 ers host the nfc championship ga nexweek other plane on the way to
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mii and just what will it take to get to miami to denver to tonight when run the ball >>you hink they need to run the ball, san francisco be hosting the winner of sunday's game betwn the seattle seahawks and the green bay packers, this is the rst me in 6 years the 40 niners will be playing in the nfc championship game. >>reporting at levi stadium. dan thorn ron 4 news. thank you so much dan and you might have recognized a lot of famous 49 ers fans in attendance at the bi-state of you are not there you'll hear but i was watching from afar i was dreaming of being down there joe montana was at levi's stadiu today. >>the monta the great 49 ers quarterback who is for an all in super bowls threw 11 touchdowns no interceptions in those games that us olymc champion kristi maguchi she was there today as well the former mission,san josehigh school grduate mister bang bang, 9 or gang eve, 40as there. >>and of course it would not be a party whout former all.
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super bowl champion jerry rice ring this facebook video for the nins before the game that's exciting when those guys are getting involved in facebook and. >>looks good in red a gold this time of year now much more than 49 years and that big wind still ahead at 8 and on our red and gold zone sh which is coming up. >ove on to other news now police in palo alto are now offering a reward for information leading to the arest of3 suspects wanted in connection with an armed robbery at a safeway store on described to be in their 20's smash their way through a door to thpharmacy at e back of the store on middlefield road. one of the suects had a gun and ordered one ofthe workers to the ground while others drugs. police said the ount of suspects got away a re ford or chevpickup truck. they were last seen headed east on the oregon expressway.
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ll this heist comes just days after another daring stanford shopping center. thieves use ocks to smash display cases a bloomingdale's reportedly got ay with $80,000 worth oferchandise. police aren't saying if the 2 cases are connected. now to the east bay where today, the company that owns the oakland home, a group of homeless mothers have been living in has now offered to pay to shelter them. this after a judge ordered em to be removed from the home. the mothers have now called the offer an insult on friday in alamedacounty superior urt judge ruled that thmoms have no valid clm to be in th home and they have to leave thin 5 days or face eviction a okesperson for wedgwood properties which owns the homes believes that the judge made the right calbut the moms for housing group says
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this is ju the benning of a moveme to bring awareness to a housing crisis which favors the rich overthe poor. >>follows what the law is it follows what ethics and morals or to protect people's homes and protect people's properties. the squatters wrongly took overhis ho they broke into i we encourage them to lee peacefully can voluntarily this is what we're up against. >>a corporation who will pu motherand their childreout and said the street thinking that it is the moral andright thing to do. >>the judge's order incates that the motrs can be forciblyemoved from e house and that's why they've asked thr supporters to join them at the use on monday morning. now today, what wou property says it is willing to pay cathol charities to house the women for the next2 months. this way they canfind new accommodations and the cpany says it will also pay their belongings to be moved as well this was the statement the company put out understands what the rs and
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individuals illegally in this home are saying, but it cannot condone theft. we urged the group o leave peacefully and voluntarily. now the grp the mothers dominiq walker who is one of the moms responded saying this it is deeply disingenuous for this multimillion dollar corporation through they multimillion-dollar public relations firm to pretend to be concerned about the she goes on to say that lies wedgewood is coributing to the housing crisis. walker says that the mom's want to buy the home through the oakland community land trust. but says wedgwood would quote rather see our kids be in shelters worse. she fishes also by saying that the offer is an insult. homeless crisis is top of mind for the board of supervisors, several proposals are out to them includes the county f possibly purchasing 3 hom for homeless people to share. kron 4 suite of all shows us the homes that are under
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consideration, and also has reaction from the neighbor who live close by those homes. >>8.11 davis street in santa sa is one of3 houses the sonoma county board of supervisors is csidering for its proposed shared housing program for the homeless. naan lives next door d is agnst the pl. he points to the safety and sanitation problemalready caus by the people living in a growing homeless encampment arounthe corner under the highway one o one ovrpass nathanbelieves whatever funds the county would commit to he proposed the spent more efficiently this is almost $6 million or 60 people. >>that doesn't far that over 2000 home. and carolyn kendall area was homeles for close to 4 years before moving into her str's apartment for months ago. >>she lives across from t second house under nsideration for purchase by the coty. it's located at 8.6sonoma avenue in santa rosa, one block away from the police department and ext door to a rehabilitation and mental health facilityd
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church she supports the shared housing proposal we need to help you know because i know lot of that >>we keep the pce you know clean and that's what we nee we need to screen these people and bring him into thisou know. >>vironment a good. you know, and it's wondeul, though county supervisor lead to hopkins says rules for the homes would be nforced by prossional property management neighbors near 8190 arthur street in kentucky say that's not enough. >>kurt ogden lives next to the 3rd piece ofproperty. the county is looking into it actually has 3 units thatare done says the county would used to house up to 20people are very much concerned for my my wife his own way, shs a bartender and 3 o'clock in the morning, she comes don't know who's going to be here the boarof supervisors will discuss the proposal further at its next meeting tuesday in sonoma county felipe should all kron 4 news.
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>>coming up next on kron 4 news at 8 iran says it has at fault for a deadly passenger jet crash that killed 176 people. now what canada's prime minister is urging iran on behalf of one of the victims families. and the survivors oa fatal crash in antioch went back one year later. those folks in a live report coming up. and tracking chilly ornight lows in addition to that another weak stm set to re ♪ a c cafe sounded better in my head. ♪
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>>unknown as a as a miracle buff just feel blessed that i got my fe saved r liv. >>it is the one year anniversary of fatal crash involving 6 teenagers. it happened on lone treeway near indian hill drive in antioch. >>survivorsfamily and friends gathered at the site earlier today as did kron four's yle ong she joins us with what they wanted to accomplish by going back there one year ter the crash gayle. >>yeah just in nj are the aunt of one of the survivors describes today as surreal and 5th and they came together to reflect and celebrate life. it was the first time 17 year old willie logan has stepped foot at the fatal ash site common with us on this view. >>and the obvious the team was the 18 year-old the robbery deal with soon followed both are 2 of 4
8:17 pm
lost hi leg dilbert suffered shoulder and leg injuries. it was a night of 1/11/2019 the 2 teens werepassengers othe suv aving a football game from deer valley high school it was a rainy night when the suv slammed into a tree on ne tree way near indi hill drive 2 teenagersdiedthe other 4 critically hurt. >>it was later determined wet roads anspeed were a factor, i'm thinking about the other 2. >>that lost their lives j m. iranian to us. thy can about their families exactly e ye later family and friends gathered at the site honoring th2 lives lost and sharing stories of survival and of lettuce. >>know as a as a miracle buff just feel blessed that i got my life our lives. >>this gathering was so a reunion d meet and greet some sort also our first meeting the family of the other surving passengers. it's another reminder that we
8:18 pm
need to lead a brace our kids level in life love on them as much as we can and also remember to teach em in all the prer rul of the road. in safety. the more safer more cautiou >>thother 2 survivors caot make it to the gathering becau of were cast for the 2 that showed up it's been a tough recovery as you can worth graduated from high school last year and willie loganwill graduate from antioch high school in june. in the newsroom, gayle on kron 4 news. >>let's talk about our 4 zone forecast right now as we take a live look here in san francisco at city hall lit up in of crse 49 ers red and gold to celbrate the big win and the. ahead to the super bowl is looking pretty good. well first things first how one game at a time just and theystill got an nfc they get back out. >>shs been dreaming about miami and the weather here is alot there from the miami who
8:19 pm
doesn't remember time of year in the bay area, let's take a look atoday's daytime his right about where we should be for this me of year so widespread 's near avege highs for today as we take a look ahead there's another storm set toreturn to the bay rea as early as tomorrow. >>bringing us about a arter the north bay storm number 2 that will arrive onmonday night all the way through tuesday could bring us about a 3rd of an inch of rainand dropping snow levels along our ghest peaks toas low as 2500 feet with the main event arriving by the middlf next week very typical midwinter storm bringing us heavy rain and also gusty wind speeds wednesday through thursday of this upcoming we. so let's track this first orm. >>as you can see future cast is going to show some light nds of rain starting to make its way into parts of the north bay with some spotty scattered showers for the rest of us by or sunday afternoon and even by sunday night as well still tracking some light wet weather but overall drying out during the overnight hours into your monday morning live look outside though clea skieout there right now and
8:20 pm
as we just saw city hall lit up in red and gold this evening in honorof the 40 niners congratutions other when earlier today stormtracker out there right now ve dry common clear in temperatures because of the exiting storm that we saw ths morning is leaving behind a very cool and dry air mass of temperatures out there right now widespread 40's and 50's and we're going to noticeably cooler speciay for overnight lows during the overnight hours tracking temperatures in the 30's and 40's near freezing for those of you in the north bay like santa rosa and napa widespread 30's for moof our interior valleys could even wakeup to some patchy frost as well for your sunday morning commute so keep that in mind and drive safely as we take a look at your wake-up planner forecast rebounding fairly nicely still going to remain in the 50's but we are going to be a little bit cooler tomorrow, some milder and more clouds near average highs for those of you in san jose warming up to 57 degrees. santa osa 56 degrees hayward also in the upper 50's but redwood city in
8:21 pm
the low 50's for your afternoon highs, let's take a look at the extended forecast and asyou could see the storm door is wide open in the bay area with more rain returning by next weekend for your long martin luther king junior holay to cnn jack back to you. thank u so much. >>crime is on the rise. we take a looat what crime rate haspiked in what the new police chief says he's going to do to stop it and itwas a close call foa woman injured after someone shot at her car while she was drg it on
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>>in the south y, a car is the california highway patrol is investating a shooting rni on one oh one in san s jose. officialsay it happened just after midnight can see the bullet holes in the car there. the chp says a man and a woman were inside their car headed southbound when the suspect's vehicl's attempted to pass them in was hit them. then the suspect's vehicle start to slow down to the victim's car could catch up with them. and the suspect according to the p then lowered their window and then opened fire.the woman inside the car was injured from broken gls, but right now there's no dcription of the suspect or the suspects caat this time. the investigation is ing. >>mercy high sool. one of san francisco's last all-girls catholic schools has announced that it will close the end
8:25 pm
of the school year. in a statement the school said classes and activies will continue as normal mursi's focus right now is on the students. faculty and staff, the school added thait will also help transition current and prospective studes to other schools. percy high school's last day will be on june 1st. >>in santa rosa, 3 dogs were found dead inside of a home after an early morning house fire fire crews responded to the fire ar dixie place in lombardy lane that's very close to lawrence cook middle school and this all happened just before 3 o'clock this morning. santa rosa fire says the re started in a rea bedroom of an in-law unit. no people were inside of e home the 3 gs were and the 3 dogs to die. >>a big shakeup at thsan francisco dtrict attorney's office tha sub you dean fired at least 6 of the prosecutors on his staff. but dean was sworn in as the city's 30th d
8:26 pm
a on wednesday, he told the crowd at his swearing-in ceremony that he will make drastic changes, including immediately ending the cash ba system ending enhanced sentences for suspected gang members. and hoing police accountable for use orce violations. he released this statement friday night saying i had to make difficult staffing decisions today in order to put in a place a management team that will help me accomplish the work i committed to do for san francisco. >>on for news of a deadly storm sweeps across the southern states. we take a closer look at all of the destruction. >>and we are getting our firs look at the air force ba that was missile attack by iran in retaltion. e
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 8 iran says it is at fault for a deadly passenger jet crash, ukrainan airlines flight 7.52 crash wednesday. after take off from tehran's rport killing a 176 people on board most of them canadian citizens, this is video just momts after the crash came only hours after iran fired mitsiles at iraqi military bases housing us troops wrong calls ita disastrous mistake that s made in response to >>what's the rainy has the latest.
8:30 pm
>>everybody that i think doesn't make it a ron admitting it mistakenly shot down a ukrainian airlines flight wednesday kling all 176 people on board the crash came hours after n fired missiles at iraqi military bases housing us troops that move in retaliation for us order drone strike at the baghdad airport hat killed iranian commander qassem soleimani iran's foreign minister tweeted saturday quote human error at time of crisis caused by a us adventurism lead to disaster and condolences to our people to the families of all victims and 2 other affected nations one ofthosaffected nations cana. 63 canadians were on board flight 7.52. >>and has admitt to him it's very serious. the shooting is rrificresponse of it. it >>canadin prime minister justin trudeau ss canada will assist in the crash
8:31 pm
investigation. >>he says both canada and iran are committed to bringing closure to the victims families i reiterat to president rouhani that it is ablutely necessary that canada participate in this investigation. >>we expect the full cooperation ofnian authorities. >>truces numbers of candidat standing rapid deployment team are expected to arrive saturday to assist the families of canadi victims. i'm melissa rainy reporting. >>the command of iran's islamic revolutionary guard corps aerospace for said he had requested all commercial flhts in iran be grounded until tensions cooled off. but e armed forces and government and aviation authorities che not to do so anthe ukraine airlines plane was midentied as a cruise ssile by an air defense operator. >>in canada, an antiwar rally was held outside of the us consulate in winnipeg today, the protesters say they are opposed to any participation by canada in quote further
8:32 pm
gression against iran. they also oppose the presence of nato military foes in iraq. the protest as part of a day of action called for by the canada and canadian peace alliance. >>well not much is left one section of living quarters at al assad air base in baghdad after the base was targeted by iranian air strikes earlier this week. cnn's arwa damon walks through the destruction and spoke with the lieutenant who was on ba the night of the attack. >>very hard to describe it. i will tell you was it extremely scary. some of my team and myself are hunkered down in one of those bunkers. when the first wave sarted hitting you could feel the shockwaves and even inside the bunker, the pressure was so strong that we watched our bunker door sink in towards the inside of the bunker and then the skate back out about 7 ofimpacts were in
8:33 pm
very close proximity to where we hunkered down and like i said you can feel every last one of the sho waves it was >>that officer says they had some warning that ssiles were coming were able to prepare before the strike. she says some troo are actully securing the perimeter of the base duringthat strike. as you can see from thdamage behind them. it's amazing that there were no casualties. >>weave some heavy storms moved through a lot of lightning and heavy rain and some like a freight train come over the top of us. >>severe storms are sweepin across southern parts of the united stat high winds tornadoes and unrelentinrain battered large parts of the region at least 9 people have died including 2 1st responders. >>people have suffered a lot of loss including twice. that's the most important play and that's what as a dressing at this time. >>and these storms are making travel difficult in the area
8:34 pm
more than 950 flights have been canceled o'hare airport in chicago is now bracinfor a winter storm that storm could drop more than a lf a foot of snow in some parts of the region. >>for a closer look at conditions, let's bring in theresa rodriguezshe is breaking all this down. >>yes, cnn rred 20 million people were under a flood watch earlier today in addition to that the states of miissippi alabamaand kentucky actually had tornadoes reported ier today and you can see that severe line storms extending all the way from the florida panhandle and even into the state of new york. and this severe line of storms is leaving behind a very cool air mass dallas right now in the 30's chicago, 29 degrees, detroit currently 34degrees with kansascity and lincoln nebraskaright now in the low teens and you can see that severe line of weather is going to continue to shift east with a much of the east coast warming up to below average temperatures and with severe weather continuing even through tonight with possible
8:35 pm
torn or tornadoes that could still be reported during the overnight hours and closer to home herin the bay area tracking team ties and you're microclimate sunday forecast more coming upn my full forecast in just a few minutes. sharon just seen back to you. >>thank you so much from while back here locay a newly released report finds that crime is up onarred. last year barred saw an 11% increase in overall crime compared to18. and a 4% of that violent crime is 59% related to the theft of electron devices. bart says it plans to fight this type of crime and the plan there to fight that ime is to hire2 new sworn officers and 10 w unmed ambassadors. >>the 12 that would put not on nday in an audi a bass and a program that's going to be 22 more bodies22 more eyes and ears that are getting crease presence in the new safety in our system. >>you will start seeing the 12 new officers n monday and the 10 newambassadors will start
8:36 pm
next month. this is part of parts of new plan to fight crime. another big change at bart there's a new police chief. >>bart's board of directors haalso pointed at alvarez says bart's new chief of police he was selected from a nationwide search. alvarez immediate changes to bart among them increasing officer presence on trains. alvarez, it's an east bay native who has spent his entire 22 year career with bart. amaz delivery gone, rribly wrong one very gross surprise a mother found inside of the box. >>after she opened up a pack of diapers. >>and china is rerting it we tried to get the politicians to deal with the problem. but they wouldn't. so we took it to the voters and forced big tobacco to p its share of healthca costs. we fought oil companies for neclean air laws and closed aillion dollar
8:37 pm
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>>well changindiapers wasn't bad enough. a nejersey mom says she got a very gross and potentially healtthreatening amaz delivery. that's cell says e ordered 2 box of diapers from amazon as she daughter one of those daughters is immune compromiseand she says she purchased the diapers om the sites amazon warehouse section. that's where an open box and then returned item are sold then at discounted ras the package arrived this week and the that describes what she found. >>picked up to by present it was a tt t heavy, i was half asleep the ligh were off at that point i turn on the light and that's when i
8:40 pm
notice. >>these nely folded and they are soiled i codn't believe it. >>the mom says she disinfected the nursery invite down her 19 month-old daughr who was born 26 weeks premature with rubbing alcohol. the family has not had e substance tested, but says it looks and smells like feces. >>amazon's website says the all open box products before reselling them and in a statementan amazon spokesperson said quote we are investigating the situation customer to make it right. reporting the first death from a new type of corona virus. china health officials are also reporting that other people are in crical condition. and 41 others are suffering from pneumonia corona virus. china says the cause the outbreak is unknown at this time. but seems to be isolated in one of
8:41 pm
the ty's called will hon. this outbreak is stirring fears a similar deadly virus outbreak that happened more than a decade ago. officials say theyre monitoring the situation and we'll continue to ensu the helth of those traveling to china. >>i have 5 d slept with all the rest an come to believe this had pam brand new neve worn here my first customer. if and hack cost $450 half it cost for tilahead tonight a san francisco icon is set to tire, we will say farewell to the sir frais drake hotel storm and tom sweeney. >>and up next in sports. the n francisco, 49 er i'm bad.
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>>time now for sports. >>welcome back g game today at levi's stadium niners vings playoff action we go to the video and the great when the bills joe montana four-time super bowl champion. 1st quartewe go 49 ers drive how abt a shoe may drop a low starting his first playoff game including a strike. they're not as of 7 as could. >>in suing vikings drive. if they're celebrating a big i'd say so kirk cousins he's loing he's looking he's going to as e bindingswhen
8:45 pm
there'sone falls down diggs is in 41 yard touchdown who's got ourselve a game witherspoon was pulled from the game from anal mostly after that play 2nd quarter we go tevin coleman from a yard out and he says. all right into the endzone 1410 san francisco t that. happy about it they're dancing after the break defense just took over cousins off target sherman jobs are out makes th interception and enjoys a little he'sgot enjoy a little photo in the end zon right there. yeah, they're all ing joyful thought of thanight are perceived to run the ball 8 straight timesthe final being from 2 yards out. i'm in for his second touchdown 2410 49are starting to impose their will. in the 4 2710 nick bosa gets to cousins one of 9 ers 6 sacks bosa d to live on food at guy's a very strong n andthat the ben sublime having a good time on the day kyle shanahan, happy man very happy as he gets his
8:46 pm
first playoff n as a head coach, his dad mikeenjoying it from up there in the box to get ashot of him momentarily 49 ers are moving on to the nfc championship game next sunday at levi's final score 2710 they held the vikings, so just 7 1st downs and rush 47 times for a186 yards as for the afc ga tonight, tennessee pulls off the upset and crushes baltimore the niners will play the winner of the seahawks packers game. >>tomorrow. >>they day let's take a live look outsde right now talk about our 4 zone forecast and there is city hall in san francisco once again. i want to stick on the shopper second do notice that the top of e dome is actually changing colors from red to cold goal right before our ry eyes love and thhours so good you took the picture that to share and that's not the only. >>landmark quite tower san francisco international airport's also in red and
8:47 pm
gold, but let's let's keep >>it's it's is an exciting time to a san francisco 49 ers fan out there be a player as well as we're joined by meteorologt mabrisa rodriguez. i will say i was out. >>about a little chilly at times with the winds and raisinyeah that's because of that weak storm a delay the very cool and dry air mass breezy wind eed as well throughout the bay area and al the big weather story this weekend. it will be keen ties they are going t continue for the 2nd half of your weekend in additionto that igh surf as well could see breaking waves as high as 25 feet and that is going expire at 3 o'clock for your sunday afternoon high tie time will be shortly befor your new lunchtime hour we could see thtide is high as nearly 7 fe fortunately, no coastal flooding expected with this round 18 tides and low tide time will be around 7 o'clock for your sunday night let's ake a look at your forecast out the right now golden gate bridge very ca nditions out there right now
8:48 pm
lack of marine layer as well and that's w we're cooling down tonit is going to be one of the chilliest night we're going to see in he bay area for the next 7 days lready cooling down into the 40's for those of you ithe north bay and also in some of our interr valleys as well. >>and those are going to turn temperatures specifically for those of you anta rosa and napa throughout the bay area's shoreline a little bit milder the low to mid 40's for your overnight lows but still about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than where we re last night, tomorrow's daytimehighs for your microclimate suay forecast loing great very dry seasonable weather downtown san francisco 55 degrees so very little change temperature wise from today's daytime highs, half moon bay, 56 degrees pacifica ough in the low 50's brbane and even san bruno 53 degrees burlingame as well 53 deees for your sunday afternoon highs the wind speeds will be light to breezy around 20 miles per hour less sam, a tail and foster city 54 degrees but palo alto milder at 47 degrees and let's take a
8:49 pm
look ahead at the ne south bay forecasfor those ofyou in san jose 57 degrees and in the east bay ifting east into the interior vaeys livermore 55 degrees yward 57 for your afternoon highs are in the in the low 50's conquer 57 degrees and in the north bay you can start seeing some light scattered showers you are going to notice cooler temperatures as well napa 54 degrees in santa rosa, 56 degrees r your afternoon highs and as we take a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast,we are going to notice that storm door we open in the bay area 3 storms making its way within the next 7 days. and i am tracking the strongest one wednesday through friday that could bring us about an inch of in along the coast with wind gusts up 50 mis per hour or less and that ll continue through next weekend for ur martin luther king long holiday weekend just teener back to you thank you so ch for priest. >>francisco's most beloved people is nearing retirement,
8:50 pm
tom sweeney will be hanging up his whe press colored shirt and the signature efeater jacket after more than 4 decades as the chief dorman at downtown san ancisco's sir francis dke hotel. >>the 62 year old city native retires torrow after 43 years of opening dos for movie stars politicians and taurus. back in 2018 kron four's pam moore met with sweney. i learned how he t his start san francisco's most well-known dormt. >>we've got to give them a job. it's it's such a great site going on stage it's er at really got me commend the steel and landmark hotel and a great feeling in all of a sudden you're on. >>in a 2018 high-tech sophisticated city like san francisco cops sweeney is a throwback he s the ad or drake hotel for 42 years now. >>mmom knew the general
8:51 pm
nager the hotel she got me a summer job as a drman but really i was when the going the since the fire police but i was still too young and in the sen to fire him please co in many years later to come in and can lead this great jobs and toent his fae started when he tackled 2 robbers outside the hol in 1981. >>the job has been od to him and he has been good for th job. >>h lifetime collection prove that the hotel has used his image they put me on my kids tags postcas they got me and all the room ke i got my aunt rink a sweet heating at the uthern family >>the thompson need all his home is jam-cked wih pictures newspaper clippings flyers and a plaque and proclamation for thas we day in the city and the feeder uniforms but i have 46 uniforms i still have my first iform right here. >>look at this. >>this was $600 m in 42 years
8:52 pm
ago, why people he no memories i've done the bay to breakers am i play on the young the restless a pop for have been in commercials. i think everyone has a memory he would die and fisa a 24 years old here i got the win with e 1 movie stars julie roberts and mary carey john travolta sharon stone. tony blair, the uniforms date back to 1600 britain when the beefeaters protected the monarchy tacy their ood to make sure it wasn't poisoned yeah i want >>centuries later the bpthere is aattraction in life that cos days at work. yet deste the movie stars the dignitaries and the thing is man a hometown guy. h family the the cape rse the drivers all the years and clean and a$14 since the firemen cops i
8:53 pm
would score we're all after together from his 40 years her stump, how street he's seen a lot of changes. >>we were and if that this really changed the transportation business limos all those companies are going out of busineit says holess things out ocontrol car break ins. i an you never saw that in my whole career kim criswell that $0.50 mist now the $7 for tom sweeney has proved better job like life is at you make of the compass more than a match and you know it's been a great run in a groupright and yet. >>well cgratulations to i wanted my hepatitis c go. i put off treating mine. epclusa treats all mtypes o. whatever your type, epclusa could be your kind of cure.
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fomike: "he just doesn't care if y have a pre-existing condition he wants to deny you access to coverage. if he is re-elected, he'll keep trying to do at and i think we can't let that happen." vo: as president, mike will lower costs, anotect americans with pre-existing conditions mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
8:56 pm
>>a petition just ahead at 9 mark anjason lot to talk about tonight. oh talk about anything and everything 49 ers being discussed on the red and gold zone playoff edition at 9 francisco 49 ers with no problems this afternoon against the vikings inthe diisional round meeting it was they came out the gate firingfrom sta to finish how about that defense h about that running game their hype thatlevi stadium in their way and that winner between she hawking packers next week wire twire dominance for the 49 ers and they are going to the nfc championship game break it all down at 9 o'clock the red and gold ne a playoff edition here we go jr and justine back to you looking for that knives d you know it's a big deal when justine's ready to talk a
8:57 pm
little bit niners and she is today, this is the kind of sports. i like when it's do or diwin or go ho a lot on the line championship highs the lows. that's what that's what i'm about say in the other games to know this is when youknow you really. >>you can get on e bandwagon own happen from 9 o'clock all the way till 10 o'clock then we have news. >>after that looking forward to thatall the postgame k run is out there as well she's been at the game and we'll see you again at 10but don't change the mark and jason are ready for you for the red and gold on the uppe body.
8:58 pm
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